Andela Boot-camp Day 2 so far(Synergy)..

My Experience so far has been thrilling, challenging but most importantly very mentally enriching. On a more general level, I’m overwhelmingly impressed with the level of programming craftsmanship of some of my fellow companions have exhibited. Who despite the level of hive activity and a mountain of tasks find time to unblock others.

photo from :Living water Lutheran church

As a football mad person, I know the priceless value of teamwork. Synergy, a phenomenon where the interaction or cooperation of two or more individuals, organizations, or agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. Andela’s vigorous push for teamwork clearly shows they understand and clearly value the effects of synergy and the advantages of antagonism(the opposite of synergy). With the solid support structures in place here I’m sure am going to elevate my programming skills up a notch. The more I learn the more I realize that the devil is always in the details. 
Looking at a tool I encountered yesterday called Balsamiq showed why all my previous projects had a lot of incoherence and took a lot of time to implement. Without wire-frames, everyone involved in the project has almost their own view of what the project should look like.
Looking at the bigger picture Uganda has a bright future in coding and coupled with the new tools Andela is arming us with….Dare I dream of a Ugandan Silicon Valley???!!!