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Day 3 of the Boot Camp week and already I’ve gone through a roller-coaster of emotions from beating deadlines,PC crashing and very average (I’m being modest here) internet connections. Despite all this we are still here coding on and the finale is fast approaching and one can feel that with the unusual calm on all the chatting channels. I’m told that every before a storm there’s usually a great calm, it’s the reason am attributing to the very silent slack channels(Just hope it does not turn out to be a hurricane). I could ofcourse be wrong, people could have coded and finished their work deciding to lie in wait for the finale. Whatever the case, we shall soon be finding out.

I have to honestly admit, despite the numerous challenges I have faced I have still managed to have some fun. Usually in the previous cohorts it was all seriousness and code, but I have enjoyed the two day ride so far(My PC doing it’s absolute best to be rain on my parade). I hope we can work together as team Scott and use our synergy to sail through these turbulent waves easily.

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