Day 3 of the Boot Camp week and already I’ve gone through a roller-coaster of emotions from beating deadlines, to your group mates going on about some fancy new method that you’ve never heard making you feel like the novice of the bunch, not forgetting the fancy Andela Jargon. I remember an LFA(yes this is also part of the jargon to mean ‘learning facilitator’) saying please unblock yourselves and me wondering as to why in the first week people are already so conflicted to the point of blocking each other.

photo: martin p. botha from kagablog

I won’t lie taking all of it in hasn’t been easy. Sometimes I feel wholly overwhelmed but am always consoled by the fact that for some of these guys it is not their first time here.But am moving with them toe to toe, line for line albeit a few hiccups here and there. Not forgetting the solid support structure that is hellbent on bringing me up to speed. With all these factors at play, who knows… We just might take over the world…….