Common SEO Mistakes

A website always needs to be professionally designed and aesthetically optimized, as it can assure that the site will generate lots of visitors or get a huge volume of traffic. The most important aspect that webmasters need to be aware is the ethical SEO tactics, as it can help the sites gain a prominent position in the search results pages. However, novice web designers and content specialists tend to commit certain common SEO mistakes that hamper their reputation as well as the rankings. So, let’s check out, some of the SEO mistakes that one should remain aware of:

Duplicate Content:

Duplicity of contents is a common nuisance committed by the webmasters. As they have to keep their sites regularly updated, they tend to use plagiarized content sourced from other relevant sites. As the contents are sometimes spun or rewritten poorly, it degrades the search engine rankings.

Inappropriate page titles:

Poor page titles can also lead to low search engine ranking. The title of the articles and web pages needs to be search engine friendly for ranking purposes, as well as user-friendly for the benefit of the readers. If you make the use of the inappropriate title, the web spiders and visitors will not have a clear idea of what the website is all about. If you can focus your titles, you will then find that your page rank will soar and you will likely have many more customers come your way as a result.

Not checking the internal links thoroughly:

Broken internal links can create a negative impact on the SEO. It is advised to validate all your internal links thoroughly. Using similar anchor text in all the links should also be avoided. Anchor text is the text which is the visible part of a hyperlink, never use the same anchor text in all your links. Always try using hyphenated file names short ones and keywords in the URLs.

Poor back links:

Website owners often tend to link to the sites which are not relevant to their site. But one should be aware of the fact that the quality of the back links/ incoming links of a website represents its popularity on the web. Reputable search engines often consider back links as a significant factor to determine page rank. The submission to Directories & Search Engine Submission is the easiest yet powerful and result oriented activity. Creating interesting blogs and articles are also very helpful to get quality back links to your website. The social networking profiles can also be used to bring back links to your site.

Stuffing excess and irrelevant keywords in the content:

Many webmasters think that they can simply stuff the keywords in the content to attain good rankings. But one should ensure to choose the right keywords and used it as per standard keyword density.

Overuse of flash animations and more number of graphics on your page:

While graphics and flash may be pleasing to the eyes, too many graphics won’t help you get a better ranking. In fact, reputed search engines cannot read the content of an image and even visitors become frustrated and move to other sites.

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