The strategic use of header tags by SEO professionals in Calgary

SEO companies in Calgary are working 24*7 to provide the maximum results to their clients. One of the important strategy to achieve better SEO results is the usage of header tags. Heading tags are one of the most significant aspects of any content written. Heading tags not only play an important role in making any piece of content informative, but they also provide information to search engines what your website is all about. Search engines recognize and fetch the content based on its header tags. The protocol starts from the h1 tag and then comes the following tags h2, h3, h4, h5, h6. These could be defined as the building blocks of any content as they define the purpose and the gist of the content.

Keywords are play an important role in fetching as much users as possible to your website. Keyword placing and defining is of the utmost significance as search engine analyses your texts based on the keywords. It becomes a sort of compulsion to utilize the header tags with the blend of short and long-tail keywords. If you are filling these header tags with irrelevant content, then you are downgrading the influence, which the content is otherwise able to create.

Strategic use

Though all of the header tags define the theme of your content, but when it comes to SEO only top three tags h1, h2 and h3 are worthwhile. It becomes a compulsion to use these tags in their rigid sequence, in order to derive the best possible results. Starting with the h1 tag, this tag should contain the targeted keyword which is relevant in context of the content of the page and has a close degree of association with the title of the content. Then comes the h2 tag which is commonly a sub-heading and contains the keywords similar to the h1 tag. Followed by the h2 tag comes the sub-heading to it, which is depicted by the h3 tag. These tags provide a hierarchical structure to the entire content. The only condition to succeed is to have all the header tags with impeccable grammar. Don’t fill the first three headers with keywords as it is against the search engine algorithms.

The subheadings are important and defines the theme of your text and help in arriving at the conclusion. However, excessive use of h2 tags will make them less efficient. The usage of the h2 tags varies according to the word limit of the content. Ideal usage restricts the usage of subheadings to three times for a content of 800–1000 words.

One of the key strategy to use these tags to fetch as much attention as possible is to make them informative and descriptive. The h1 and the h2 tags should be so informative that a user may get to know the whole purpose of the text just by reading the first two header tags.

Does it affect the SEO?

It is a highly debated topic that whether the header tags affect the SEO results or not, but as per the SEO experts of Server Center, the header tags are one of the key elements in achieving impressive SEO results. That’s why our engineers always aim to use these tags strategically and efficiently.