Hardware Details of Dell PowerEdge R230

The R230 delivers greater memory capacity, more hard drives, and I/O slots, and accelerates data throughput and IOPs performance.

The Dell PowerEdge R230 is an excellent first server or replacement server for driving applications in SMB.


Dell Power Edge R230 features four core Intel® Xeon® processor E3–1200 v5, as well as flexible dual core processor options including Intel Pentium®, Intel Core i3®, or Intel Celeron®. These processors provide overall boost in compute performance for a large array of different applications.


Dell Power Edge R230 has four memory slots make it possible to use 16GB DDR4 devices, for up to a maximum of 64GB of memory with up to 2133MT/s DDR4 DIMMs. Memory type supported on Dell Power Edge R230 is UDIMMs.

Expansion slots:

Two PCIe 3.0 slots double the I/O throughput of the previous PCIe 2.0 standard. This makes a big difference with disks connected to the R230/PERC9 RAID controller (PERC S130, PERC H330, PERC H730, PERC H830)

The PowerEdge PERC9 RAID Controller offers double IOPS performance with compared to the previous-generation power edge server with PERC8.


The PowerEdge R230 supports a wide range of rotating and solid state disk devices of the 2.5- and 3.5-inch variety.

PowerEdge R230 supports 2.5” SATA 7.2k, 2.5” nearline SAS 7.2k, 2.5“ 10k SAS HDDs, 2.5” 15K SAS HDDs, 2.5” SATA SSDs, 3.5” Enterprise SATA 7.2k HDDs, 3.5” nearline SAS 7.2k HDDs and 3.5” 7.2k SATA entry drives.

The two disk drives were configured in RAID 0 mode, although the PERC H330 does support HBA mode.

Network controller:

The Dell Power Edge R230 supports Broadcom® 5720 Network controller. Near the rear middle of DELL PowerEdge R230 is the 4 ports of Broadcom quad-port 1Gb Base-T network card is located.
 Cooling Fan:

The fan noise was more than bearable for an office environment, with a moderate level during reboot/startup settling down to a quiet hum after a few minutes.

Boot time from a powered-off state into the Windows Sever 2016 TP3 login screen was a respectable average of 62 seconds, although the 16GB of memory definitely affects the overall startup time.

Device access:

Two USB 2.0 ports and a VGA connector on the front panel allow connecting a keyboard, mouse, and monitor, if necessary.

The rear panel has two USB 3.0 ports and three RJ-45 Ethernet ports, plus a serial and VGA for management.

Another internal USB 3.0 port can be used for boot media in a VMware environment.

Power Supply:

A single 250W power supply delivers more than enough power for all the components of a 1U device.

PowerEdge R230 helps to consolidate data and drive applications faster with the powerful, efficient and versatile performance compact 1U rack space.

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