Important features of HPE Storage works MSL 4048 Tape Library

The MSL4048Ultrium 960/920 Drive Library supports 48 data cartridges for a total capacity of 38.4 TB (compressed). The MSL4048 Ultrium 448 Drive Library supports 48 data cartridges for a total capacity of 19.2 TB (compressed).

The rack mount hardware included with the library allows installation in a variety of HP racks which include the 10000 series, 9000 series, 5000 series or System/E racks.

HP StorageWorks LTO (Linear Tape Open) Ultrium Tape Drives use best of breed technology. By taking the best features from other tape technologies and combining them into a single new technology, Ultrium tape drives are in a league of their own. LTO technology is an open industry standard format; thus data written on HP StorageWorks Ultrium Tape Drives can be interchanged directly with Ultrium Tape Drives from other vendors.

Data Rate Matching combines sophisticated buffer management with HP’s exclusive Infinitely Variable Adaptive Tape Speed technology, to allow the tape drive to match its transfer rate to the host speed dynamically and continuously across the whole range of transfer rates. This feature ensures that the tape drive continues to stream data regardless of the environment, and brings two big advantages: It optimizes backup performance, regardless of the speed of the host or the network It minimizes rewinding and repositioning of the tape, reducing wear and increasing reliability

The MSL4048 Tape Library allows web-based remote manageability; the unit can be monitored and managed from across the room or across the globe. Functions included in the management tool are: Status information on the drive and system, Diagnostic tests and information ,System configuration operations and reporting, System error and status logs, Library and drive firmware upload capabilities , Cartridge movement for maintenance and management purposes, Cleaning cartridge support ,Security and access control, SNMP support for IP communications.

Modular in design, the MSL4048 Tape Library has easily replaceable components minimizing the MeanTime-to-Repair on the unit. Replaceable components include the tape drive, the magazines, and the chassis, robot, power supply, and controller board.

The MSL4048 Tape Library is supported on HP’s industry-leading diagnostic tool — HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools (L&TT). L&TT is a single, convenient program that’s a snap to install and simple to operate.

The test program for HP media is the most thorough and comprehensive in the industry. All HP cartridges must satisfy an exhaustive battery of additional tests that relate directly to real life situations, where real data and real businesses are at stake. The benefit of the HP brand specification for media is consistent quality.

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