What are the advanced Storage features in Dell EqualLogic PS 4110 XV?

The EqualLogic PS4110XV continues the EqualLogic tradition of performance scaling linearly with capacity.With up to 67% IOPS improvements on typical workloads over previous-generation EqualLogic arrays. The PS4110XV also offers increased throughput with 10GbE and the flexibility of using SFP+ or 10GBASE-T (copper) so the user can leverage the existing infrastructure or build out lower-cost 10GBASE-T.

Data Center Bridging can provide deterministic performance with a converged SAN and LAN network, designed to greatly reduce or eliminate dropped packets (available on 10GbE arrays only). PS Series arrays automatically tier data to optimize pool performance at the sub-volume level — delivering the right data to the right place at the right time.

For backup or disaster recovery purposes, the user can create volume snapshots, clone a volume, or replicate a volume to a different group. The user can create snapshots of the volumes (a snapshot collection) or replicas of the volumes (a replica collection) in a single operation. The user can also utilize storage resources using Thin Provisioning.

The user can use ASM for backing up and restoring data in the Windows cluster environment. ASM uses Microsoft VSS to provide a framework for creating fast, coordinated copies of application database volumes on your PS Series group, ensuring that the backed-up data is easy to restore and use for recovery.

A snapshot is a point-in-time copy of volume data that can protect against mistakes, viruses, or database corruption. Snapshot creation does not disrupt access to the volume. Snapshots appear on the network as iSCSI targets and can be set online and accessed by hosts with iSCSI initiators.The PS 4110XV can create snapshots128 per volume/up to 2,048 total per group.

Cloning a volume creates a new volume with a new name and iSCSI target, having the same size, contents, and Thin Provisioning setting as the original volume. The new volume is located in the same pool as the original volume and is available immediately. Cloning a volume does not affect the original volume, which continues to exist after the cloning operation. A cloned volume consumes 100% of the original volume size from free space in the pool in which the original volume resides.

Replication enables to copy volume data across groups, physically located in the same building or separated by some distance. Replication protects the data from failures ranging from destruction of a volume to a complete site disaster, with no impact on data availability or performance. Similar to a snapshot, a replica represents the contents of a volume at a specific point in time. There must be adequate network bandwidth and full IP routing between the groups.

A volume collection consists of one or more volumes from any pool and simplifies the creation of snapshots and replicas. Volume collections are useful when the user has multiple, related volumes. The Dell EqualLogic Ps 4110XV can creates volume collection upto 512 per pool/1024 per group

Use thin provisioning technology to provision the storage more efficiently, while still meeting application and user storage needs. A thin-provisioned volume is initially allocated only a portion of the volume size. As data is written to the volume, more space is automatically allocated (if available) from the free pool, and the volume reserve increases up to the user-defined limit. If space is not available, the auto-grow operation fails. If in-use space, typically the volume size, consumes all the volume reserve, the volume is set offline. Thin provisioning is not always appropriate or desirable in an IT environment.

All PS Series arrays in a SAN work together to automatically manage data, load balance across all resources and seamlessly expand to meet your growing storage needs. The reliable PS4110XV include fault-tolerant capabilities through the use of fully redundant and hot-swappable controllers, fan trays, power supplies, and disk drives with hot spares, as well as vertical port sharing. EqualLogic Host Software extends the functionality of the array-based software, enabling cooperation with the host. Host Integration Tools for Microsoft®, VMware®, and Linux® products as well as EqualLogic SAN Headquarters (SANHQ) management software are included with the EqualLogic array purchase.

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