What are the Power tools and technologies that lower the power consumption and increase efficiency of Dellpower Edge R320 ?

Dell Power EdgeR320 is a 1-socket, 1U rack-mount enterprise-class server features the scalable performance of the Intel® Xeon® E5–2400 processors with essential Intel memory RAS featuresDell’s PSU portfolio includes intelligent features such as dynamically optimizing efficiency while maintaining availability and redundancy. The R320 supports advanced power monitoring and power capping tools that can help manage power consumption. The PowerEdge R320 has an extensive collection of sensors that automatically track thermal activity, which helps regulate temperature thereby reducing server noise and power consumption.

The R320 power supply subsystem consists of one non-redundant or up to two hot-plug AC-DC power supplies. The power supply provides +3.3V/5V/12V and +12Vaux for non-redundant design and provides 12V and 12Vaux for redundant design. There are several voltage regulators in the system to supply different voltage levels needed by different logic devices. The redundant power supplies are managed through a PMBus interface.

Dell PowerEdge R320 servers on rental Bangalore are compliant with all relevant industry certifications and guidelines, including 80 PLUS, Climate Savers, and ENERGY STAR.

Power monitoring accuracy include: Dell’s power monitoring accuracy is currently 1%, whereas the industry standard is 5%, More accurate reporting of power, Better performance under a power cap.

Dell Energy Smart Solution Advisor (ESSA) is a tool that helps to determine the most efficient configuration possible. With ESSA, the user can calculate the power consumption of the hardware, power infrastructure, and storage. ESSA can help to determine exactly how much power the server will use at a given workload, and the PSU Advisor can help to choose the best, most efficient PSU for the workload

Energy Smart Data Center Assessment is a Dell Services offering that uses infrastructure and thermal analysis to help maximize system efficiency.Dell’s systems management to set the power cap limit for the systems to limit the output of a PSU and reduce system power consumption.iDRAC7 Enterprise provides server-level management that monitors, reports, and controls power consumption at the processor, memory, and system level.

Dell OpenManage Power Center delivers group power management at the rack, row, and data center level for servers, power distribution units, and uninterruptible power supplies.Intel Node Manager is an embedded technology that provides individual server-level power reporting and power limiting functionality. Dell offers a complete power management solution comprised of Intel Node Manager accessed through Dell iDRAC7 Enterprise and OpenManage Power Center that allows policy-based management of power and thermals at the individual server, rack and data center level.

The industry’s highest-efficiency power Rack infrastructure solutions, including: Power distribution units (PDUs), Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), Energy Smart containment rack enclosures. Hot spare reduces power consumption of redundant power supplies. Thermal control of fan speed optimizes the thermal settings for the environment to reduce fan consumption and lower system power consumption.

Serverental offers Dell PowerEdge R320 on rental with Idle power which enables Dell servers to run as efficiently when idle as when at full workload. The power supply options are available for the R320 are 350W AC, cabled, non-redundant, 350W AC, hot-plug redundant and 550W AC, hot-plug redundant. The PowerEdge R320 supports up to two AC with 1+1 redundancy, auto-sensing and auto-switching capability.

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