This is an old Chinese proverb, which further buttress the key point of customer service, which is “Great service experience”.

But why do we always find ourselves in front of business owners or sales associates who carry a face that sells nothing but sadness?

Formerly, purchases were made for the “product”. You desired an item, went shopping for it, got it and moved on to enjoy its benefits.

Time has changed and more than ever buyers are making purchases enthralled by emotional connections. This means, if the buyer is not emotionally connected to your brand, or business, they are not buying.

The value of a purchase is no more monopolized by the product but driven by the emotions driven to purchase the product. We recurrently see businesses and organizations that are loosing value and unable to move up the ladder because of their cheerless people. A lot of businesses are owned and managed by gloomy people.

Now lets be realistic, not everyone wakes up having a great day. Sometimes, the day is great, but it gets marred by events that turn it upside down and messes up all its intended greatness. The ability to camouflage your gloom is what makes you an outstanding service person.

Another question here is, “why are people miserable at work”?

The person at the top sets the General atmosphere of the workplace environment the business owner, CEO, manager, administrator etc. Sets the mood that resonates around the business environment. Their subordinates draw from their vibe, which in turn sets the general atmosphere for conducting business. If person at the top of the ladder is upbeat, cheerful, encouraging, pleasant, thankful and exudes cheer, the subordinates are most likely to follow suit and while they are less likely to accept less.

A clear example of a happy, smiling person at the top is Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin group. He exudes an aura of infectious excitement and seems to have found the service excellence secret pill, but if you look closely the secret is glaring; he works happily! And wherever you find Virgin and any of its affiliate companies, you are sure to have an excellent service leaving you with a euphoric experience and a desire to be back in that environment.

In his book “like a virgin” Richard Branson stated, “Remember to have fun, there is no point being in a business if it is not fun”.

Fun creates a healthy and happy place for interactions with customers and in a happy place lies great service excellence.

The most successful businesses are ones who are built around the happy attitude. Happiness is infectious, and the glee of the CEO transcends to the all levels of the organization’s ladder and incorporated into the product or service as excellent product development or service lies greatly in working happily.

And while some businesses provide services relating to solemnity, there can still be an uplifting incorporated into it.

So turn the gloom of your team and business environment upside down, convert it into a smile through connections, engagements, and lightheartedness then watch your business harmonize into a space of service excellence and experience.