Think about it … who taught THIS generation!?

I hear it all too often and find myself agreeing that this generation has lost it’s sense of communication and human interaction. So where did we lose our ability to teach our kids how to communicate?

We have the lowest number of people in the history of this earth living in rural communities. So people have been attracted to the urban environment where they can perhaps find more opportunity or “live la vida loca”? One would think that we have more interaction living in cities, but we have instead turned into a society that lives behind walls.

I am going to go off in a few different directions, so stay with me.

I am 46 years old and spent the first part of my life playing in the dirt and picking up the Popsicle that fell on the ground, brush it off, and savour it once more without incident. As I went into my twenties, we started to live in a world that was petrified of every organism known to man. We have since spent how many billions of dollars trying to modify the Earth’s processes?

We were MEANT to be exposed to microorganisms … EARTH IS AN ORGANISM! Not an orgasm, an organism … you were thinking it …

It is our responsibility to take care of the earth, not vice versa.

Look at any community or culture that still grows their food and you will find a healthier, happier people. I envy communities that work to be able to have shelter and eat properly. The rest is of no concern to them because it causes noise to their otherwise quiet and minimalistic life. It interrupts their family, rest and reading time. I am the first person to admit that I always needed the most up to date technology and NEEDED to know the inner workings of the device. It is SO intriguing to think that our devices can turn on a lightbulb from 2000 miles (3218.688 kms) away!

I love technology and use it daily, but I had to work hard at minimizing the AMOUNT of tech I use every day. I soon discovered that I actually like cleaning the garage, changing the tires on my cars, making my property look nice and checking off my list as I repair a few things around the house. Otherwise I would have had my face stuffed in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and a slew of other things that bring ZERO meaning to my life. So I narrowed it down to a few things that I am passionate about. Muscle Cars, Motorcycles, Tech and Customer Service. I use Feedly to pick and choose what I am interested in and it delivers to me, free of charge!

How many times have you heard someone say that there is just “something” about having an actual book in your hands as opposed to a tablet? I have said it many times. But I don’t need to KNOW why I like it better, I just GO with it. I know of a college that uses iPads and Apple TVs with projectors to teach and the students follow along on an iPad. Even the youngest of college students remark on how they would like things on paper. To write notes and create drawings on paper is second to none (in my humble opinion) when it comes to curriculum retention. Students are unable to remember, recall and retain information because we are giving them the wrong tools and the wrong advice!

I warned you I was going in a few different directions, I will now attempt to connect everything as I see it in my head.

We need to teach our future generations to manage their hours of device usage, kick them outside for a reasonable amount of time and interact with other PEOPLE. Give them a pencil and paper and get them to write down what it is they need to learn. There is a very palpable connection between writing notes by hand and retaining the information. Teach them to change tires on a car and replace a light switch and NOT wash their hands before suppertime. Teach them to cook and eat to FUEL their bodies, not just pack burgers in while driving to their next tournament. SLOW DOWN!

My generation forgot how to stop and smell the flowers, instead it has turned into a contest to see how much we can get done, how much we can produce and brag about an eighty hour work week as if it were an achievement. The next generation is watching us buying new things every month instead of fixing and maintaining what we have so it will last.

Let’s teach them social skills … and I’m not talking about social media skills.

I think that the we (parents in their 30’s and 40’s) have set the generation up for failure. We did not teach them to take care of their body and mind so they can be happy and content. We did not teach them to open doors for other people while giving the other person a smile for no reason. We did not teach them how to take care of other people for no reason or personal benefit. We did not teach them how to pick up on queues from other people and adjust their interaction.

We can bitch about it all day long, but we created a generation that does not know how to deliver great customer service through listening, processing and reacting to customers’ requests, complaints and questions. I lived through minimum wage and still delivered great customer service because I was taught the skills needed to serve patrons who, in turn, will pay my wages.

Let’s teach our youth how to interact with people, how to solve problems without helicopter parenting. We will teach them to be happy, healthy, helpful and an integral part of a business’ success. Who would have thought that it is all connected!?

The solution is not a quick one but we have to start somewhere and keep our eye on the prize. It took decades to get to this point and it will take a few more to bring human interaction and customer service delivery back to where it should be. It all starts with teaching.

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