Why the AskGaryVee Show #80 is the Best

Ok, let’s come clear — I’ve been a #AskGaryVee show follower since episode #4. Ok, now that that’s out there let’s come back to the point here. Show number 80 this last week was his best ever and I will tell you why.

Gary is a tough to listen to for many. He is in your face. He has no time to waste. Heck, he doesn’t even have time to watch the Lion King (and co-stars) with his kids. So, you kinda get where he is. On the other hand he is a self made guy. Sure, his pop’s business gave him a bit of a start but he has been pushing the edges of what one can do, should do all along. But Gary can also be a big turn-off. He is really full of himself. He loves nothing more that to tell you how great he is and how he will be even greater in the future. He has discovered his method, he applies it religiously and he is succeeding.

Who is this guy?

But I will guess most of the readers here may have no idea what I am talking about. I am not going to try to tell you here what Gary is about, or what Vaynermedia is into or what Wine Library TV was/is. What is important here is how Gary is using podcasting, vlogging, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and recently Meerkat to share his knowledge — all for free. He has an excellent book out called Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook which exactly prescribes this approach. His use of the internet are full of his jabs. Many jabs. But he lands those hooks as well. If you want to SEE a practitioner of this 2015 world of interacting with your followers/fans just go look him up. For many that means just Google him.

Why Number 80?

But to my point here, why #80 of his show was the best ever. This episode of the AskGaryVee included an extended b-roll. During this extended episode he shared how he does spend his few minutes of consuming or better interacting with his peers, followers and fans. Those few minutes he included on the show were the most honest side of him he has shown on all the episodes. Not that he is not truly himself on his show, he certainly is, but the b-roll on episode 80 showed how he really is into his environment. That he really cares about those engaging with him. While he might not do this often, this brief showing of his true self and how we are a part of that was really insightful.

Keep rolling Gary. Keep it true to your plan.

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