How to Use a Dishwasher for Ultimate Cleanliness and efficiency !

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Innovation has made the chores simple. Dishwashers are one of the best among them. Washing dishes by yourself means more energy, water, chemicals and not to forget time-consuming.

Even though a dishwasher does most of your works by itself, it needs some human interventions too. Now if you are wondering how to make my dishwasher work efficiently and avoid any dishwasher servicing soon. Following are some tips and steps that you may follow:


It’s a preconception that dishwashers are very easy to use, just put in all the dishes and magically it will wash, clean and we get sparkling dishes back. Sorry to disappoint it is not how it works. There are specific procedures before that. Different dishwashers have different makes and models and, naturally, they will have different methods for efficient use. And another important point is the placement of the utensils inside.


Well, it is still a debate as for whether to directly dump all your dirty utensils or give it a prewash. It depends on these factors:

Firstly, If you don’t have the patience or time to prewash and then load the dishwasher. You may just place the utensils without washing.

Secondly, If you own an old dishwasher. But in case, you own a dishwasher manufactured within the last 4–5years, then there is a probability it is powerful enough to clean everything. Therefore reducing the painstaking job of prewashing your dishes.

And lastly, Pre-washing and pre-rinsing use a lot of water to do the same thing your dishwasher may do anyhow, so only do it if you expect the dishwasher can’t get everything off.


One of the aspects you need to look into as far as using that dishwasher is concerned is how to organize the dishes the right way. In most models, though, they have to be facing downward. One thing you’d like to avoid is having the dishes turn upside down, and this will be for two reasons — to prevent them from clashing against other and breaking off, if not breaking, and to avoid combining dirty water with the clean water. When the latter happens, you will end up even more frustrated with plates that look like they haven’t been cleaned at all.

  • Let’s start at the bottom. The bottom row is for keeping the tall plates. Ensure that you keep the taller items adjacent to the sides and back of the dishwasher, so things like the baking trays and large dinner plates don’t obstruct the flow of water to other items in the dishwasher.
  • Moving to the top rack. Now that all the long and tall plates are placed, the small mugs and glasses go in the top row, not the bottom. The top racks are designed to fit glassware so that they don’t hit with other utensils and break. Also, water won’t get between them. In case there are Plastic storage containers, ensure to keep them away from the heating elements in the dishwasher.
  • Also when it comes to cutlery, make sure they are placed with the handles down. And nothing’s so tall that it won’t let you close the bottom rack.
  • To sum up the layout: The bottom rack will have pots or pans and the tall baking trays and pans around the outside, dinner plates after that headed towards the center, and small saucers and bowls in the middle.

A small tip — Always Keep your dirtiest dishes towards the center. This ensures that everything gets clean, it’s also how most racks in modern dishwashers designed out, and so you decrease the risk of breaking something. Keep in mind, it is a machine so don’t underfill, but don’t overfill either.


After going through the manual, another aspect you come across is the proportion of the dishes that go in per batch and the amount of detergent to be used. Also sometimes, the right dishwashing detergent is just as important as getting the proper layout to make sure everything comes out perfectly clean.

It’s tough to make a specific recommendation as to which is the best detergent because there are so many various types on the market and also some may not be compatible with your dishwasher. But an important thing to keep in mind just follow the instructions on the detergent bottle or soap. It’s not advisable to entirely add too much or too little. Also, excess lather may affect the sensor mechanism resulting in the earlier shutdown of the drain cycle. So, it is always recommended to use the detergent wisely. Ensure that you use the right proportion so they can clean those plates without dealing with messy detergent residues.

Making sure you use the right detergent and obeying the instructions, will cut down on the number of times you have to re-wash also saving water, energy, and money.


You must be wondering, why clean the dishwasher? All of that soap and hot water swirls around inside your dishwasher, then why bother cleaning the dishwasher right? You might not know it, but over time, you’ll likely get detergent buildup on the door, sides and possibly on the door seal as well. In many cases, the dishwashers may also face some draining problem. The reason may be either due to some clog in the drain hose or due to the failure of the pump.

In order to clean your dishwasher, running the dishwasher empty can breathe some new life into it. Or contact a Dishwasher repair service if the dirt buildup is too much for you to handle. A qualified Dishwasher repair service in Dubai will be able to set your Dishwasher straight in a matter of minutes.