WordPress v4.8 and All-in-One WP Migration v6.48

As a company, which takes care of migrating and backing up your WordPress website, ServMask Inc. is pleased with the release of WordPress v4.8. Today WordPress, a community-driven tool, is the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, used on million websites.

The main goals of the new version of WordPress are to make more intuitive the editing posts with links and to make the work with widgets easier for the new users and more attractive to the existing ones. This latest community release includes three major enhancements: improved visual editor, a revamp of the dashboard news widget and several new media widgets.

This article represents the highlights of new WordPress 4.8 version and emphasizes the free and open source nature of the project. Along with this new WordPress release we have released a new version of All-in-One WP Migration” plugin v6.48 that is fully compatible with WordPress 4.8.

As professionals, we want to be synonymous in your mind for quality. Our long history of innovation and support keep us ahead on the curve of migrating and backing up WordPress sites. Our product was the first to feature true mobile experience since WordPress v3.3. We also keep on testing the plugin with every new version of WordPress on a constantly growing list of hosting providers.

Developed by a global community, WordPress is the easiest and the most powerful blogging and website open-source content management system (CMS), supporting more than 60 million websites. Started as a blogging system, today WordPress evolved as full content management system which provides thousands of themes, plugins and widgets. It can be used for almost anything, because it’s completely customizable. The only limitation of WordPress can be only your imagination.

Notable enhancements in WordPress 4.8 include:

  • Improved visual editor, which makes the navigation in and out of inline element (like links) more intuitive and easier. Link boundaries provides a cue when the cursor is inside the link element and makes it easier to move the cursor outside the element. Link boundaries are byproduct of the new block-based editor called Gutenberg. It won’t be included in this WordPress version.
  • Revamp of the dashboard news widget — now it includes Meetups and WordCamps of the WordPress communities around the world, to remind all the user for upcoming local meetups. The widget automatically will get your location, but also you can do that manually.
  • Several new media widgets (including images, audio and video). It has three new core widgets — Core Image Widget, Core Video Widget and Core Audio Widget. Also, the text widget now supports visual editing with a couple of basic formatting tools available. Easy switch between visual and HTML editor. The last one provides the same formatting tools, also available in the visual editor.

Making the widgets easier and convenient, editing posts with links more intuitive and getting more users to attend WordPress communities are major goals in this version.

Quoting our software engineer Boris Angelov, in this line of thinking, he says “Along with the new release of WordPress 4.8 we have tested “All-in-One WP Migration” 6.48 to ensure best quality of the product and great experience for the users.”

WordPress is definitely the world’s most popular CMS. Started out as a blogging platform, these days, it’s a full-fledged content management system (CMS). Going through all its advantages — from easy way of use, SEO optimization, its quick installation and stable secure to thousands of themes, plugins and widgets and large community support — today almost 27% of all websites in the world use WordPress.

WordPress receives regular updates, with fixed bugs or with new features and functionality. WP is always improving and staying updated. That’s the main reason why we, here, at ServMask Inc, always testing, improving and offering the optimal experience to the WordPress users. Working with the best, we’re trained to be the best in the area while sharing our products with the open-source community of WordPress.