Appliances Failure- How to Avoid Water Damage in Kitchen

Water damage in any part of the house is a serious problem that needs to be handled instantly. The kitchen and bathroom are the two important areas in houses that can be the reason behind water damages. You need to take preventive steps to avoid this problem. But, in case of extended damage, you need to bring in the pros. So, if you are looking to hire professional restoration technicians for water cleanup Taunton MA, then you can contact experienced companies.

The kitchen is an important part of the house and as said earlier, it can be the reason behind water damage due to the appliances failure. To help you, we will be sharing the initial steps to be performed and how to avoid water damage caused by the appliances.

Planning is Significant

Every minute counts when you are facing flooding or a water leak in your kitchen, so having a plan is significant. In an unfortunate event, homeowners need to shut off the main water supply of the house before addressing the broken appliance or busted pipe.

There are two types of valves in a house. First is the main valve that stops water flow to the entire house. Second is the supply valves that connect to specific appliances. Check the main water valve and turn it clockwise to stop the flow. In case a valve has a lever, turn the handle perpendicular to the water line.

Homeowners should know the exact location of water supplies so that they can turn them off easily. If there is flooding in the kitchen, then avoid walking through the water. The kitchen has electrical outlets and equipment that could become dangerous when exposed to water or excessive moisture.

For minor leaks and water damage, some homeowners will feel comfortable doing cleanup and restoration themselves. However, even minor leaks or damage can require specific skills and expertise. Mold and mildew may arise after water damage, and these things can be damaging to property value. To protect your property, you can hire professionals to get water damage restoration services. The skilled workers will restore your property by using effective techniques and proper tools.

Appliances Failure

Water damage can be the reason behind expensive repairs. So, here are details about appliances failure causing damage and what should be done to avoid the problems.


Dishwashers consist of a hot water line that’s prone to leaks near or at the connection. A door gasket should remain tight and a drain must remain clear. Also, keep your eye on a float switch as it is responsible for the dishwasher to stop filling with water. A broken switch can quickly lead to flooding.

Read specific manufacturer information behind the dishwasher toe plate or behind the front panel. It is recommended to review the safety information before using the home appliances.

Protection: Periodically check for the leaks at the point where hoses connect to a water supply.

Annually look at the base of your appliances for leaks, discoloration, and water damaged cabinets to avoid property damage.


It is one of the useful and expensive appliances in the kitchen. It might be facing a problem of leakage due to defrost drain or a frozen water supply line that causes water to puddle beneath the refrigerator.

Protection: To avoid this problem, remove the debris from the clogged drain. It can be done using warm water or using a coat hanger to remove the clog by force.

In case of frozen water supply line, if there is a break or tear in the line, replace it. If there is a pellucid blockage, then leave the refrigerator unplugged for approximately 2 hours. If the problem persists, and you are facing water leakage problem in your kitchen, then you should consult a professional water cleanup company. They will get rid of excess water through the capable hands of skilled technicians.

3-Washing Machine

Washing machine failures are common when regular maintenance is not done periodically. The hot and cold-water hoses should be replaced every four to five years. These hoses get damaged if a washing machine vibrates violently or moves during a wash cycle.

Protection: If you are facing washer malfunction, identify the supply valve and turn off the water flow.

When caught early, it won’t be a major disaster. But, if you’re not at home when disaster strikes, overflow can cause serious damage. The damage is serious especially when the washer is located on a second or third floor. If there is more water that can’t be handled with towels or a Wet Vac, then it is better to call the experts for water removal service.

4- Clothes Dryer

Cleaning the dryer’s lint trap after each load is not enough to keep the ductwork entirely clean and clear. Clogged air vents and ductwork can lead to dryer inefficiency and can also lead to a fire.

According to statistics given by the U.S. Fire Administration, 2,900 dryer fires are reported each year and cause an estimated 5 deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property damage.

Protection: Once in a month, use the smallest attachment on your vacuum to clean the lint slot.

Once in a year, vacuum it out by unplugging the dryer and disconnecting the vent tube.

Consider hiring professionals if the problems is not solved.

5-Water Heater

Nothing causes more damage to a property than a busted water heater. Due to regular use, normal sediment buildup in pipes, fixtures, and the tank as well. This can lead to massive failure, if not maintained.

Protection: They should be drained once a year to eliminate sediment formation on the bottom of the tank. To ensure proper maintenance, follow your owner’s manual for best instruction.

Periodically check the bottom area of the tank. When it becomes corroded there will be a problem of continuously running water.

If you notice a leak, then call professionals for instant replacement, because a small leak can cause flooding without warning.

Hope that early inspection and taking care of your appliances can save you from bigger problems and expensive repairs. If you are facing problems related to water damage, then it is better to hire experienced technicians for water damage repair and restoration to protect your kitchen or property.