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As I’ve said before, the so-called “Pro-Life” movement is a bunch of lying hypocrites. If they were really as in favor of life as they claim to be, instead of trying to outlaw abortions (which I, as an adamant pro-choicer, would like to see ended, but not for the reasons they do), they would arrange to adopt ALL of the unwanted babies that are going to be thrown away in dumpsters like so much garbage after their misguided attempts at banning all abortions (which, just like the failed War on Drugs, simply drove drug use underground and into the hands of organized crime).

According to “Pro-Life”, a fetus deserves every legal protection imaginable until it’s born, at which case it no longer matters, and women are nothing more than baby factories on legs because “God Wills It!” And you can see that this is a fact because they keep voting to cut off medical care for women on the slim chance that some rape victim, some teenaged girl who was molested by a family member and impregnated against her will because of their drive to outlaw ALL forms of birth control, MIGHT try to end an unwanted pregnancy. And because they keep cutting necessary services to the poor and education, who will be forced to keep having babies they can’t afford to take care of and who will grow up poor, malnourished, and illiterate because of a bunch of fanatics who think that God will magically provide manna from the skies for everyone who isn’t filthy rich.

And these selfsame fanatics can’t understand why people are leaving the Christian church in droves…

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