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Once again, needless new laws are proposed to cover situations already covered by existing ones. Yes, blocking streets is wrong, but allowing anyone who hits and kills a protester, then claim it was “accidental” and the protester “was in the middle of the street” when he/she was actually on the sidewalk? WAY too much potential for abuse.

And as for reclassifying peaceful protests as “economic terrorism”? Who decides that, pray tell?

I despise rioters and anarchists who take advantage of polite civil disobedience as much as any other right-minded person, but I can see how these proposed new laws can be easily abused by anyone with an axe to grind against a given group.

Once again, instead of passing a bunch of “feel good, do nothing” laws that are effectively unenforceable, how about we actually make an effort to enforce the laws we have for a change?