Well done Carolyn.
kristin wolff

Only half of you? I’m a man and I’m completely angered that women have to put up with such nonsense in the workforce. Of course, I’m also an old-school feminist in that I feel that instead of trying to come up with new ways to spell the word “women” so as not to include the letters m-e-n or bitching about the alleged evils of pornography, we — as in women AND MEN — should do something about how women are STILL paid ~75% of what men make and how women are treated like decorations, sex toys, or office equipment in the workplace.

Then again, my mother raised me to subscribe to the insane idea that women are people and should be treated as such. No wonder I have such weird beliefs as paying women the same wage as men for the same job and level of qualification, not making sexist jokes around women at work, not flirting or making passes at female co-workers (because we’re there to work, not to date), and so on…

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