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The same “chance” Republicans gave Obama by blaming him for everything George W. Bush did to the economy, the enviroment, and so on?

Gladly. The difference is that even though Obama made moves in the wrong direction, he at least tried to fix the problems he inherited from the previous administration. Trump’s entire agenda is making himself even more rich and powerful than he is now, and the devil take the hindmost as far as he’s concerned.

And the trouble is that all the little dittoheads who thought he was the Second Coming of Christ, the Jewish Messiah, and Prophet Muhammad Reborn all in one package are still saying that he can do no wrong simply because he’s supposedly part of their party. Face the truth: Trump is on his own side, and doesn’t care about anyone but himself and anyone he can use to get more power. Not Republicans, not Democrats, not devout Christians or the working class, himself first, last, and only. And by going along with him blindly like lemmings off a cliff, you’re just giving him what he wants, and you’ll all be hung out to dry like the rest of us.