Decentralized peer-to-peer crypto trading platform CryptoLocally and blockchain-powered on-demand digital finance and payment platform, Sesacash, will be working together to address the many challenges confronting African nations in the financial sector. They plan to address this by leveraging each other’s diverse service offerings, enabling African users to move value across borders without having to worry about expensive fees, limited cash-out options, and other restrictions related to dealing with traditional financial institutions.

CryptoLocally and Sesacash

CryptoLocally is a person-to-person (P2P) crypto trading platform that offers the easiest way to buy and sell crypto with cash or a multitude of payment methods (M-Pesa, Bank transfer…

Download the Sesacash app on google play store
Download the Sesacash app on google play store
Sesacash app on play store

We are happy to announce the launch of the Sesacash mobile app on the Android play store. It is just 1.7 MB and it takes 30 seconds to download! During this period of a lockdown and #stayathome happening in most African countries, getting the Sesacash app will make life a lot easier for you. The Sesacash app allows you to easily convert your major cryptocurrencies to fiat across Africa.

With the Sesacash app…

24/7 access to your multi-currency wallet: Use the Sesacash app as your digital forex bureau. Access multiple currencies seamlessly to pay business partners and family members. Many…

It’s time to gain more as a Sesacash member.

Over the past 2–3 weeks, we have worked on key changes to reflect the feedback we got from the community. Below are the highlights of the updates.

  1. All top-up and exchange fees have been removed and we have added a bonus reward for every top-up you do
  2. The top-up issue with CoolX wallet has been resolved
  3. We have re-opened EOS top-up on Sesacash. Enjoy more value and rewards for all EOS top-ups.
  4. We are happy to announce that users can now topup their Sesacash wallet via bank deposit.

Going forward, holders of YNT token will get more discounts when taking…

Last week was a corporate engagement with LinksExchage as part of our Telos Foundation worker proposal objectives. This week, we focused on the university community. And this time we visited Academic City University College, a leading technology university in Ghana, to interact with students from the information technology, engineering and business administration departments. We arrived at the campus and the students were already seated ready for the presentation. The President of the university, whom I have a personal relationship with, sat in briefly and introduced me to the class. Mr Julius Amegadzi, who is a professor at the College, was…

Above with me are the dev team of LinkExchage headed by Anne Amuzu, who is the CTO of LinkExchange

Last week, we granted interviews to various media houses to explain the power of the Telos blockchain network (Telos Foundation). This week, we visited LinkExcchange Micro Credit located at their new office at East Legon, Accra. My team met with the tech team and the representative from the business team. We arrived at about 10 am GMT and after 10 minutes of chit-chatting and setting up the room, we were ready to start off with the presentation. The CTO of the company, Anne Amuzu, has been a long time friend from a previous startup incubator. …

Telos | Where Purpose Meets People

First of all, my sincere thank you to the Telos community for voting for the Sescash worker proposal #78 ( We believe in building a vibrant telos community and getting stakeholder in the enterprise and developer community interested in the Telos blockchain. This post will be used to outline and detail the roadmap towards executing the WP. I will continuously update this to post to reflect the progress made. Every event will also have its post. This is more like a #liveupdate post for the entire WP.

After the WP passed, the team from Sesacash and MobileWeb began started…

Sesacash is a platform that makes the interest of our community a priority, thereby we are constantly looking for ways to give back to our ever-supportive community.

To start the new year, we have earmarked some amount of our token, the Yent (YNT) to reward users who participate in the following activities.

1. Social media promotion: This will include tweets, Facebook, and other viral messages made by community members. Invite people to sign up on and get rewarded.

Rewards: Maximum of 20 YNT per user

2. Blog posts, articles and other reviews of the app: This involves writing about…

Sesacash is pleased to announce the launch of its affiliate program that seeks to reward users for referring new customers to the Sesacash ecosystem. The referral bounty gives users up to 30% rewards from transaction fees from all referrals. Affiliate rewards are giving in dollar equivalent in YNT token, which is the utility token of the Sesacash ecosystem. That is a great way to enjoy Sesacash and still earn bonus rewards.

Once you earn the YNT tokens, you can use it to get up to redeem, discounts on transaction fees on Sesacash thereby letting you pay close to zero fees…

It’s been about 2 weeks since our soft launch of the Sesacash app on Telos blockchain and we have been growing and serving the needs of the community albeit gradually. From next week, however, we are opening up the Sesacash app in full mode and offering everyone an opportunity to have a decentralized multi-currency wallet to preserve the value of your money and make payments in about 20 different African currencies.

You can top up your Sescash account via both debit cards and digital currencies. All major digital currencies are supported on Sesacash. The mid-market rates on Sesacash have so…

Sesacash was already deployed on another blockchain but the team was looking for an alternative chain to meet our needs for the next phase of the project. Around January 2019, the team made the decision to migrate our platform to Telos. There's a need to deploy a smart contract for decentralized multi-currency payments in Africa.

After making the decision, we began networking with the Telos community to understand what help we could get. One of the members of GoodBlock promised to offer us free RAM resources if we launched on Telos. But, there were bigger technical and architectural roadblocks to…


Sesacash is the easiest and fastest way to make micro-payments within Africa with ZERO fees.

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