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Jul 25, 2018 · Unlisted

UPDATE: 8–11–18 -Seedit transaction fees on Telegram and Twitter have been updated to the following: -Telegram: TRX is .05 TRX, SEED is free, all other tokens are .25 TRX. -Twitter: TRX is .05 TRX, SEED is free, all other tokens are .1 TRX UPDATE: 10–12–18 -Removed “Registration Section” -Revised Distribution schedule

July 24th 2018,

Sesameseed and Rovak are proud to announce the launch of Seedit, a Tip Bot for Tron tokens. Today we launched on Telegram with Twitter, Reddit, Kakao and WeChat soon to follow.

Seedit will charge a 0.05 TRX transaction fee on TRX transactions and a 0.25 TRX fee on all other token transactions with the exception of SEED tokens. The fee’s generated from Seedit will be distributed according to Sesameseed’s 80–10–10 model.

80% of fees will be distributed equally across all community members*

10% of fees will be distributed to the developer of this project (Rovak)

10% of fees will be retained for operating expenses.

*Seedit rewards will be distributed equally across all registered voting members that meet our minimum requirements:

1. A Tron public address, which must contain at minimum.

· 1500 TRX

· 10 SEED tokens

2. 75% of all votes cast within a given month are for Sesameseed

Reward Distribution:

Seedit is being funded entirely by the SEEDGerminator developers fund. As this project is not directly investible by SEED token holders at this time, all community rewards will be distributed evenly across registered Sesameseed users that meet the above minimum requirements. Beginning Saturday September 1st 2018 at 00:00 UTC, rewards will be distributed to all SEED addresses that meet the above requirements and comprise the Sesameseed community. These rewards will be distributed Monthly on the 1st from then on.






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