5 Things That Surfing Has Taught Me About Writing
Srinivas Rao

Srinivas, excellent article. I had made a note to get in touch with you earlier, i could relate very well to the way you address writing. Somehow not having done so all this while, this article got my attention and after reading and living every line you have written, I see it is by you! So thanks for the wonderful insight, you couldn’t have summed it better with life in general. PS: Like you are a writer and a surfer, I am a dancer, “bachata” does the same for me, allows me to clear the mental clutter, every woman and dancing to the beats is something new and in the moment, you never know where the intense experience will take you by the end of the dance! It allows me to become more self aware, realize who I am and that allows me to write with more clarity!!! Regards Deepak Seshadri

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