JINS MEME is an innovative type of innerwear that allows you to truly look within yourself — measure how you’re feeling, how tired you are, whether or not you’re sleepy — select a specific piece of information, work with it, and create a more fulfilling future for yourself. Eyewear that lets your outer “ME” meet your inner “ME.” And as you look within yourself, you’ll see the whole world, and your entire life, in a totally different light.

J!NS MEME competition

So there was a competition a while back, to pitch an idea for a mobile app, that makes use of clever new sensors packaged into spectacles. These spectacles are called JINS MEME.

JINS MEME can be broken down into 3 parts.

Spectacle Frame

Electrooculography (EOG)

Accelerometer and Gyro Sensors

The frame is not so important except for the fact that it houses the sensors. The star of the show seem to be the Electrooculography (EOG) sensors. The EOG sensors replace the little bits that would rest between the frame and either side of your nose. These sensors seems to be able accurately detect the position of your eyelids, which way you eyes are pointing among other things. The last set of sensors, Accelerometer an Gyro sensors allow the position of the frame relative to the ground and movement to be measured.


I pitched an idea in the form of a 6 slide powerpoint presentation (6 slides are the maximum number of slides you can have). Here it is.

Sentinel Driving Aid

I drew this on an iPhone using an app called Sketches. Awesome app.
The above statistics aren’t made up. Source http://www.transport.govt.nz/research/roadcrashstatistics/
Microsoft Powerpoint’s Smart art — can’t beat it in a pinch.
And that’s a wrap! Pretty awesome idea right?!

There are still two more rounds to go and apparently 300 beta JINS MEME up for grabs in each of the rounds apparently. However with no indication of who the other 299 winners are, i’m beginning to get a bit suspicious…

Good luck if you are entering ☺

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