The unfaithful encounters I

Unfaithful encounters should be faithless too!

She entered the dim lit restaurant in a rush. It was 11:36, half an hour past the agreed upon time. The waitress wished “good morning Ma’am”. He got up to hug her in all his nervousness. The ambience was just as beautiful as the moment.

“Sorry for the delay, I had a five minute meeting with a professor that got delayed”, said Mayra

“You don’t need to be sorry, what got you caught up though?” said he with an irresistible smile and sparkling eyes.

“My professor ended up going for a meeting, took him half an hour”. Myra continued in her hyperventilated tone “I am very sorry, I never intend to make anyone wait for me. Especially you travelled for 2 hours, err…”

“Listen breathe, do you need a glass of water?” said Kabir in his deep voice.

“No I am good; life keeps me on the run always, you…”

“I know all of that, just breathe for today” Kabir resumed in his calm and elated undertone, “You look perfect!”

“Thank you beautiful Man!” shying away in the monotony, Myra relentlessly kept staring at him.

Kabir on the other end was addicted to the beauty of her shuttered eyes. Myra’s actions and eyes narrated completely different set of stories. The inconsistency left him reluctant and confused at the same time. Time lapsed and the conversations deepened.

“I can make better Chai, this is so overrated…”

“I agree so can I, but it’s always good to try new things” saying so Kabir picked up the omelette sandwich, “take a bite”.

“Umm, okay …” Myra fumbling to express her feelings

“Wanted me to feed you, didn’t you?” came a blushful question.

“Frankly speaking, I don’t know, but it feels good, wouldn’t deny that” said Myra, lost in his deep seeded eyes.

Trying to toss the intense conversations further, Kabir pushed for an unfathomable conversation:

“So, the other day you were saying something. The text you sent me read “I love you so m…”

“Umm let’s leave it at that, some conversations should not be continued”, with a quivering voice she began to search for the unknown in those reticent eyes.

“Loads of love suits best in that case, I suppose” said he diffidently. “It’s late; I need to pick up my clothes from the mall!”

“I should also make a move”, the haziness and cold weather pulled her back into reality of this ‘unfaithful’ encounter.