How Trump is already hurting the United States and possibly the world.

We are less than a month into a Donald Trump presidency and we are already asking ourselves the question, dose Donald Trump know what he’s doing? This comes after Bob Walker an advisor to Trumps space policy advised Donald Trump that NASA should no longer conduct climate research.“We see NASA in an exploration role, in deep space research,” Walker said. Almost immediately following Walkers comments came a wave of criticism from leaders in the Earth science and climate communities.I believe it would be unpresidential of Donald Trump to shut down Nasa’s climate research for several reasons.

First Donald Trump probably has never looked at any research into climate change. if Donald Trump had done any research at all into climate change he would see the maps that show how the polar ice caps have melted in the past 30–40 years. also trump might have seen testimonies from scientist’s with real PHD’s in earth science fields. Finally Trump would see that the average temperature in the past 30–40 years has increased drastically. To conclude if Donald Trump did any research into climate change he would be truly fearful of the idea of cutting NASA’s climate research.

Secondly what will Donald Trump use the money he saves from cutting NASA’s climate research? Well if you don’t remember Bob Walker says “We see NASA in an exploration role, in deep space research,”. Thats right deep space research, so instead of putting funding towards something useful like climate research Donald Trump would like to put the funding towards going to mars. Also Earth Science work was built into NASA’s Mission when the agency was originally created, this means that unlike what some are led to believe NASA has been researching climate change not just recently but for decades and Trump’s plan would through away decades of research.To conclude Trumps plan to cut funding on NASA’s climate research to focus on deep space research would ultimately be a setback towards researching climate change.

Finally Donald Trump probably doesn't realize that NASA’s climate research program dose a lot more than just researching global warming. Nancy Colleton, president of the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies stressed “The Trump Administration won’t want to put the American people and certainly not American business at risk. That’s what NASA science does — it helps us manage risk. It’s a security issue on many levels — national, economic, water, and food.” Also last fall after efforts to cut funding to NASA’s climate research failed 15 former military leaders wrote a letter to congressional leaders, urging them to protect funding for NASA Earth science. The letter said“These programs are essential parts of a broader whole of government and whole of society effort to provide essential data about and better scientific understanding of global, regional and local Earth processes,” the letter said. “That essential data and better understanding of the underlying science are critical to many strategic planning, strategy, and investment decisions in both the private and public sectors, very much including national security.” This means that its not only the scientist’s who believe that cutting NASA’s climate research would be a mistake but also military leaders.To conclude Scientists and military leaders all believe that Donald Trump should not cut NASA’s climate research program.

In conclusion Donald Trump should not cut funding to NASA’s climate research for several reasons. Donald Trump must have not seen any of the climate research that NASA has done with the climate research program. Also Donald Trump’s use of the funding from cutting the program is not useful. Finally theres been many scientists and military leaders that have suggested that Donald Trump should keep NASA’s climate research program. On the bright side Donald Trump has not laid out any plan set in stone yet so there is hope that Donald Trump will ultimately decide NASA’s funding is best put toward climate research.

Through writing these articles for my American Government class I have learned that Government is not necessarily about corruption, as much as it is about doing things for the good of a group of people or a country. I have also learned that Goverment is a lot more interesting than I had assumed before taking this class. Overall I see Government with a different perspective than I had before I took this class.

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