How to Fix Twitter’s Troll Problem for Women in Sports (& Beyond)
Julie DiCaro

Sorry you have to deal with this Julie. It seems inhuman. Not as difficult as other threats people have faced but you are just trying to be good at your work. One idea that came to mind, ok, two. First, Twitter could allow users to word block so when certain words are used then the tweet automatically falls into a spam bucket allowing you to never have to feel the singe from reading it. Another idea is to hire an assistant or a VA to review all this stuff and to stay on top of it for you so you do not have to do the minutiae of trying to keep up with the deleting and blocking. Twitter could also help with the latter by creating an “assistant user” that has some access to your account but not master access.

I know it probably does not help much but know that any and all of the trolls are really hurting people who likely have been through some pretty nasty junk themselves. They are grasping for any source of light and life and they are acting as they have learned to in their depraved and demented state.

Safe travels.

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