Democracy Starts in the Home
Nancy Vitale

You are brave, and this is a courageous piece.

We talk about what is happening in the world in our house. We talk about different kinds of families, and how love is love, no matter who the people involved are. We make sure everyone in our house has a voice and a chance to speak. (It doesn’t mean you get your way.) A wise friend of mine once referred to her household as a benevolent dictatorship, meaning, you got to have your say, but there were times, as a parent, she would overrule. I always liked that way of looking at it. (This doesn’t really correspond to what you wrote, but it put me in mind of it.)

Last week I drove my kids past a peaceful protest not only to show support for those I agreed with, but so that my kids could see people on 2 sides of a passionately felt issue strongly disagreeing peacefully in the same space.

There is so much to be worried and fearful about right now, and I am trying to point out as many positive things as I can, and keep my tiny corner of the world in loving order. I can see you are doing this, too. xoxo

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