It is no longer a theory but an actual fact that we learn how to think. While we have positive and negative thoughts, it is of great importance to always maintain the positive vibes. I belonged to the squad that had no idea how to think. I would spend all my free time dabbing in and out of random thoughts. In order to share my solution, I did a short review of EDWARD DE BONO’S SIX THINKING HATS. 
The book simply implies thinking to being a skill that can be improved. In the book Mr De Bono states that, 'it is important to note that the hats (thinking techniques) are directions and not descriptions of what has happened...it is a matter of setting out to think in that direction’. He further relates the use the use of the six thinking hats as parallel thinking. Parallel thinking refers to a thought pattern that considers several views on one issue, no matter how contradictory they may be with each other, they are still put down in parallel.
Here, thinking is represented by coloured hats. Each hat referring to a thought characterized by certain qualifying factors. The six thinking hats are;
The white hat which refers to objective focus on information. It is objective and neutral review of facts and figures concerning the issue.
The red hat implies the emotional view. It suggests ones intuition and feelings on a particular issue especially anger and rage.
The black hat is thinking that is cautious and serious, points out the possible difficulties in an idea, and critically assesses the weaknesses of an idea. It does the above in order to switch to yellow thinking.
The yellow hat is the direct opposite of the black hat whereas the black hat highlights the negatives, the yellow hat highlights the positive. It involves sunny, optimistic thoughts of the benefits and values.
The green hat highlights creativity and seeking new ideas.
The blue hat is simply the organization of the other hats. Generally representing cool, it implies the use of all the other hats by clearly setting out the purpose and outcome of the thought process. 
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