It’s time to call it. 2019 is indeed the year of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The term DAO, once tainted by the disastrous DAO hack of 2016, has regained its luster, with an explosion of new DAOs, DAO platforms and tools to support them.

I can barely contain my excitement. DAOs are not just some conceptual pipe dream for me. I work in one. For the last year, I’ve paid my rent working in the Decred DAO as a technical writer/developer. And it’s far better than any company I’ve worked for. Let the revolution begin!

My excitement however, is…

Confessions of a dev that sells crypto to pay bills

“Do you want those devs dumping on you to pay groceries?”

“I don’t want those coins flying up in my face!”

Ouch. As a dev (well, technical writer mostly, but I write some code too) in the Decred Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), I get paid in crypto. And I do have to sell most of it to pay for groceries, rent and other bills every month. Comments like that sting. I’m not hurting you, I’m working for you. And taking a large pay cut too btw. But I get it…

I wanted to work in crypto. No, I had to work in crypto. Once you’re too far down this rabbit hole, anything else pales in comparison. Sit in an office making real estate websites while the revolution passes me by? Uh-uh. But how… Especially in this brutal crypto winter, with the easy money of 2017 vaporizing into the Ether from which it came. In this article, I share some details of my journey to making a living in crypto, hoping to share some useful info for others on their paths.

It took about five months, but I’ve been paying the…

Seth Benton

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