Every … Single … Day

Writing can only be honed through practice. Last year, when looking for a full time job, I began a blog to improve my writing skills. I embarked to achieve three goals:

  • Write every day. Each evening I authored what I did that day. Some posts were two paragraphs, others were four — whatever accounted for the day’s adventure. The length of the post didn’t matter to me as much as did the quality of the post. It’s better to say ten powerful words than 50 “blah” ones.
  • Compose for fifteen minutes. I established 15 minutes to write — 10 minutes to write, five to edit. I’d have to give or take a minute a few nights out of the week. This challanged me to stay focused and write only what mattered.
  • Craft a catchy title. Each title were two words, both with the same letter. Some I wrote were, “Thriving Threads,” “Just Jeeps,” and “Honorable Hospitality.” Memorable titles make an impression and are powerful because it’s the first thing a reader sees — make it count.

My mother — who also taught me how to read as a child — would sometimes text me the next day with corrections. So, be sure you are a great editor, or have a friend look over your material to catch mistakes. Stay tuned for three tips on searching for media coverage; you don’t want to miss this one …

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