I have been on a journey over the last couple of months, rekindling a fire in my heart as a writer. What began as a spark in the early Fall has turned into a viable flame through the course of the Advent season with writing daily reflections on the Impossible Light. And now, as this season draws to a close, I’m excited about what’s next.

Here are a couple of embers from the fire I hope continue to grow in 2017:

Weekly Reflections

First, I would like to slow the pace of Impossible Light down and spend the year of 2017 doing some sort of ongoing weekly reflection on the topic. I’ve seen this Impossible Light project as an opportunity to develop my pastoral voice in a more free-flowing way than it might come out in a typical sermon or paper.

I will be moving away from the Mailchimp delivery format for these, focusing on using Medium.com instead. If you’d like to stay in the loop, make sure you follow my Medium account and the Impossible Light publication.

The Season of Lent

Just like the season of Advent can be a time to dive in with greater devotional focus, the liturgical season of Lent is for sure. I am currently in the outlining stage of planning another series of daily reflections, similar to Impossible Light, but with a deeper focus on prayer and scripture reading. I’m still ironing out details regarding the delivery method for this series and will share the full plan as soon as it is ready.


Finally, I’d love to hear your feedback. If you’ve been following along with Impossible Light, what has been most helpful or connected for you? What would you like to read more about? What has light or spark has been growing in you over the season of Advent? Leave me a note below in the comments below or a message through the Impossible Light Facebook page.

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Finding rhythm in Bellingham, WA.

Finding rhythm in Bellingham, WA.