That Unwelcome Guest

I’ve disregarded writing for what feels to me as quite a long time. I’ve had a few people post things that I’ve written for them recently, but I haven’t truly owned anything of my own in a while.

To be honest, it’s out of laziness. It’s laziness that makes me feel like I’m complacent in my life when I know that there’s a higher purpose for me in the field of writing. It’s laziness that says I can procrastinate and not pursue an idea that I think would be fantastic.

I almost equate this feeling with the idea of waking up and realizing a guest has outstayed their welcome. Sure, it was fun at first. There were the up-all-night parties and the Netflix binges and who can forget Harry Potter movie marathon on Freeform?

But there always comes the dreaded realization: the moment when you realize that the guest is still freaking here!

“Shouldn’t you be heading out the door and visiting with someone else now?”

“I don’t know. Should I?”

“Fair point.”

Repeat that conversation a few thousand times and that’s what it’s been like to live with the frustation of the unwelcome guest.

I want to express my optimism and live with great hopes of tomorrow, but even then I’m still in laziness’ perpetual deathgrip. It’s only when I take the next step and say “No more,” that I begin to live with wind in the sails once again.

So, here we go…