Gary Vee’s Secret Growth Hack…Taking Selfies

We all know who Gary Vaynerchuk is. You might even be one of the thousands of professionals who look to him for advice and guidance in their business ventures. He’s brash, he’s clear, and he provides value every chance he gets. However, there’s something else that he integrates in his daily life to get his name out there — taking selfies.

When a fan approaches Gary, he’ll make small talk. He’ll answer the questions they have. He’ll bestow his sage advice. The fan will usually ask first but if they don’t, Gary asks: Do you want to take a selfie?” (I’m sure he’s humbled to do so.)

Check out the clip below to see this in action!

Here’s why Gary Vaynerchuk’s selfies are so genius. When Gary posts anything on his social media accounts, it’s exposed to two parties: himself and his followers. When people take pictures with people they know for the internet, the instinct is to post it on social media. Now Gary’s face and name is exposed to not only him and his fan, but also all of his/her social circles. Instant exposure. People will wonder who Gary Vaynerchuk is and, lo and behold, effortless personal brand promotion has just taken place.

That’s not the only perk. In Gary’s book The Thank You Economy, he talks about how responding to admirers works in everyone’s favor — the fan feels appreciated and is more inclined to stay invested in a person or a brand that has a listening ear. This simple selfie question operates on the same notion; anyone would feel flattered if someone they looked up to suggested that they take a picture together.

Now, if the average person went around asking to take selfies with everyone else, they’d be charged with disturbing the peace. However, if you’re somewhat well known (enough for people to recognize you in public), this is a great way to self-promote. We can’t believe we’re saying this, but if you’re looking to promote your personal brand even further, take more selfies.

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Seth Gold is a fellow Vayniac and CEO of Entro