I Never Learned How to Swim (Or, “How Privilege, Race, and Class Work in America”)
Joel Leon.

Wow, this was an extremely great piece to read. Thanks for sharing, sincerely! The creativity and meaning behind each well placed word is immaculate.

As for me, it’s hard to deny that I’ve received benefits from the color of my skin or the letters of my chromosomes. With that, I find it sickening when events of this magnitude occur. It’s unfathomable to me, really. I know it exists but how and why are separate issues. How does that judge truly believe the punishment delivered was just? How is he not removed after such a clear violation of power? How are athletes and celebrities treated above the law? How are lawman treated the same at time? How do we combat this? Pointing fingers and name calling hasn’t worked. Transparency only filters out old issues with new or creates another level of creativity to mask and camouflage issues. Where do we start and how to we build?

Thanks for sharing your experiences and perspective!

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