I Replaced The Word ‘Millennials’ With ‘43-Year-Old White Men’ And Now These Headlines Are *Italian…
Amanda Rosenberg

Thanks for proving the viability of stereotypes. Very few of these things are true for 43 year old white men. Many of them are true for Millenials.

By the way it strikes me that many of these headlines qualify themselves by referring to “so many…” or trends. So, even though so many 43YOWM are having no sex or children out of wedlock, it’s not saying that all are. However when I read generalization about white guys or older white guys, etc. rarely are they qualified. As a left-leaning person, I feel constantly lumped in with Phil Robertson and Newt Gingrich.

Finally, the point of this article seems to be that nobody talks about 43YOWM the way they talk about millenials. I’ve seen the same point make about the way minorities and women are treated in the media. But the fact is, in the liberal media (which I tend to read because I am liberal) nobody is addressed with less respect and is less defended that old white guys.