Kalamazoo Sunrise, March 10, 2017

Nothing is new under the sun. These ideas and concepts are all in the air, floating around us. Something may seem new and exciting, but it’s been thought of before, and is only a recent iteration of an old idea, or perhaps a converging of multiple ideas.

Everything is derivative. Everything has a source. That source, from under the sun, is here, and has always been here.

Technology, though, I suppose can give the illusion of new ideas. The idea of self-driving cars, backup cameras, differences in styling, features and options. These are all concepts and ideas that have been around us, but are just now seeing the light of day. They are not new.

Many things wrap back around too, which is curious to me. “New” versions of dated items like cars and clothes, trends in fashion, trends in hobbies, all of these come and go. How long will this wave roll? Do we get so bored with today’s trends and revert back to what we used to do because it’s a different population sector, or because throwbacks are popular? In 100 years will we still be repeating this cycle? Isn’t there some sort of solid, definite way?

The media is very good a portraying things as “new”. It’s how our economy thrives; consumption. Without consumerism, we have no economy. I think this plays a huge role in the progression of items or ideas. Ideas must evolve and develop and show themselves in new ways, but they are still not new themselves.

Just some ramblings and thoughts on a peaceful, calm Sunday morning. I’m curious what others think on this, so comment and let’s discuss.