Nike Shoes Are The Best

So i been on flight club website looking for shoes right and all i see are Nike shoes Under Armor,Adidas. The one thing that stands out on the website are Nike's. For some reason I seem to buy Nike shoes more then any other brand. I think it has to do with the style that Nike brings to my attention .Nike has all types of shoes for people to choose from.Like basketball shoes Cleats and Nike puts creativity in every shoe they make it look it unique.Nike shoes are absolutely art there not just shoes.People wait all night outside a store just to buy new Nike's you literally cant tell me Nike shoes are not the biggest shoe brand in the world right now. People buy Adidas shoes because there shoes feel more comfortable to wear and they make good sports wear. People buy Nike shoes because athletes wear them rappers wear them celebrities wear. Every time i buy a new Nike shoe i feel a sense of self respect for myself to look better and feel better. Almost everyone on earth has bought a pair Nike's. Thats the reason why Nike shoes are the best.

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