The Great Penn Station

I went to a this place called Penn Station. I always get the Philly cheese steak and thats what i ate this Tuesday I add mayo, white cheese, lettuce, that’s all. For my side was a hot medium size fry with a chocolaty chip cookie that was soft and really sweat. I left Penn station to enjoy it at the student union . So I went to the student Union so i could work and eat . I grab my fries that were nice and hot dip them in some ketchup they tasted just right not to much salt but just right. After I ate a couple of my fries I started to unwrap my Philly cheese steak. I notice there was a lot of mayo, and cheese, every time I took a bit from my Philly cheese steak. It felt amazing. A little mayo and cheese and lettuce would fall out when i would bit into my Philly. The I took forever eating this sandwich it was just so much. I gotten an eight inch Philly cheese steak meal. After I ate all I was completely stuffed. I also had to many fries I couldn’t even eat them all that how stuffed I was. Then 30 minutes later I realize I forgot about my cookie. that I put in my book bag and ate that. Now this chocolate chip cookie was indeed delicious.Penn Station slogan is we all about good taste they mean it.

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