Fluctuations, Exacerbations, and Decline in Functioning — Where is Trump Headed?

Seth Davin Norrholm
Sep 3 · 7 min read
On Thursday, August 29, 2019, this President re-established the U.S. Space Command during a largely scripted Rose Garden appearance in which he showed flat affect, slowed speech delivery, and an apparent lack of engagement with the subject matter. Photo: SpaceNews, Sandra Erwin
The Montreal Cognitive Assessment, or MOCA, is widely used to screen for severe cognitive deficits including impairments that may necessitate enhanced treatment interventions including assisted living. Most neuropsychiatrically healthy individuals will “pass” the screener if they demonstrate an ability to follow basic directions and to identify where and “when” they are at present. Nevertheless, the President touted his performance as a false indicator of his “intelligence”
Sean Conley’s memorandum addressed to then Press Secretary Sarah Sanders included bizarre and inappropriate language that physicians routinely do not include in an objective, clinical report. This language includes self-praise and a fair bit of prognostication.

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