Update On The Quest for Fitness and Health

Seth Goldstein
Dec 14, 2016 · 2 min read
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Disclosure: Mark is both a friend and a client of mine. This blog post is part of a series documenting my health and fitness training.

Yesterday was my second workout with Sparky from GYMGUYZ of Greater Bucks. What a great experience.

So How’d It Go?

Once again, we met at his house, though as I said, you can literally meet anywhere with GYMGUYZ. We got right down to business with warmup stretches. You know what? The second time around it was easier to do the moves. Practice makes perfect. I even surprised myself with being able to do weights heavier than I thought I could.

Sparky and I work out for a half hour twice a week. The majority of sessions are an hour iin length and multiple times a week. My goal is to organize my schedule to accommodate 2 hours a week for working out with Sparky and training, but for now I want to work my way into training and not burn out.

Eating Better And Getting Into A Routine

I set small goals for myself each day. For example, I make sure I do 10 pushups at least once a day and stretch. My plan is to gradually add more to this routine so that it turns into mini workouts between our sessions.

Do you need a workout routine? Do you need extra motivation to get healthy? If you do, I recommend GYMGUYZ of Greater Bucks.

Originally published at Seth M. Goldstein.

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