A Candid Seth Jared Course Review

Hi, my name is Seth Jared Hymes, and I’m the founder of the Digital Marketing Career Blueprint. Since 2016, this digital marketing course has helped thousands of people from around the world start careers in digital marketing with no previous experience or a degree. And if you talk to anyone who has actually taken it, you’ll hear some amazing things.

Seth Jared Course Review — Seth with Students
Me with some of my Students in Queens, NY — 2018

I know, it sounds too good to be true, so please allow me to explain in detail exactly what makes the Digital Marketing Career Blueprint course different, and how I got where I am. I’ll provide proof of results and that it is possible for you to get a job in digital marketing from scratch.

Like nearly all of my students, I started out with no clue what digital marketing was, or even that there was such a thing as careers in digital marketing. This was long before anyone recognized me as “Seth Jared Hymes” from Youtube and years before anyone sent me wonderful testimonials about getting a digital marketing job like this:

Seth Jared Course Review — Tim Tran
Seth Jared Course Review — Tim Tran

What Makes This Course By Seth Jared Different?

Before telling you my story, I want to make it clear why my course is different from other courses and why it has such a good reputation.

  1. The Course is Designed to Get You a Job, Not Teach Meaningless Theory. The course consists of four parts: an introduction or orientation to digital marketing, in depth explanation of skills needed for these jobs, and then guidance on how to generate your own experience and put that experience into a resume that compells people to interivew and hire you.
  2. The Course Provides you with Resume Templates and Projects. After college, most graduates are told “good luck!” and have to figure out how to get hired on their own. My course includes the process of putting together a resume, cover letter, and other elements to stand out to hiring managers, and how to win an interview and get hired.
  3. The Course Offers High Level Support and Feedback. Students get access to 2 Coaching Calls a week where they get to personally connect with working professionals in SEO and PPC for direct feedback. They also get personal feedback on their resumes and other questions in the Forums and Facebook groups. These professionals charge hundreds of dollars an hour to consult, but students get ongoing access to them as part of their course fees.
  4. More Authentic, Verifiable Testimonials Than Nearly Any Other Course. Since 2016, my testimonials feature alumni you can actually reach out to on Linkedin or Instagram. I provide in depth interviews and background so you can see these are real people and not a sound byte or blurry screenshot. I invite you to watch testimonials, research their companies, and ask them questions. They will be happy to talk to you.
  5. The Course Has An Amazing and Vibrant Community. When you sign up, you get access to a highly active Facebook Group, and Forum. Alumni who have gotten jobs frequently come back to answer questions and even share job openings. Many students have been hired with the help of alumni.
Seth Jared Course Facebook Group
Seth Jared Course Facebook Group

You are always welcome to email me with questions too. Now that that is out of the way, let me give you some background.

Seth Started As a Broke, Unemployed Graduate

I graduated from NYU with a degree in Film Production, and spent most of my 20s waiting tables and doing random temp jobs. This is my ID from back then. Seems like another lifetime. It says “Seth Hymes” because I didn’t use my middle name until much later.

My Old ID! I was 18!

No college course had not taught me anything practical about how to make money or careers. After college, I felt like a failure because I couldn’t figure out how to support myself or pay off my loans, and I thought it was my fault. But later I realized that, in reality, colleges simply do not teach relevant or marketable skills to help them get fulfilling careers. Success in school does not equal success in real life.

And so I struggled, until 2010.

That’s when a friend took me to a seminar on digital marketing. More specifically I learned how a website can be used to share your message and sell products. This blew my mind. Suddenly the internet became a place for more than just watching funny cat videos, it was a playground where you can connect with millions of people and share your ideas, and even make money using techniques like affiliate marketing, blogging, etc.

I Failed to Make Money Online

I spent about a year trying to make money online, attempting to start my own online business. I learned everything possible for free via Google and Youtube on how to make a website, build blogs, run paid ads, use Wordpress, do email and social media marketing, SEO, and more. But after 1 year of trying to figure things out by myself, I hadn’t made much money at all.

In fact, I had been laid off from my office job and been unemployed for a year, and was running out of money. I needed to get a job.

So I took a mind numbing telemarketing job, and spent my days cold calling strangers. This was not fun at all, and I kept spending all my free time online learning about digital marketing, social media, SEO, etc. One day during lunch, I was on Craigslist looking at jobs. I saw one posted for an “Account Technician” at a Digital Marketing company.

I Had Unknowingly Acquired Valuable Skills

Now, while I had made very little money online with my blogs, I did not realize that I had learned a very valuable set of skills. (Kind of like Liam Neeson in “Taken” ha ha). The posting did not mention that I needed previous experience, but it said I needed to know about Google, Facebook, Youtube, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid ads… all the things I had been teaching myself over the past year.

Without really knowing what I was doing, I threw together a new resume summarizing all the stuff I’d done (unsuccessfully) in the previous year). I didn’t think I would hear anything, but to my shock and delight, they emailed me back within 30 minutes and wanted to do an interview!

How to do a Job Interview with No Experience?

I went into the interview later that week, having no idea what I would talk about. After all, I had no advertising experience. I really had no idea what a job in digital marketing was. I wasn’t going to lie — and frankly I was wondering why they wanted to meet with me. I was so passionate about digital marketing that I was hoping to convince them to hire me and that I could figure out whatever they wanted me to do.

It turns out none of that was necessary. The interview was a blast, because all I had to do was nerd out with the VP and CEO of the company for 2 hours about digital marketing. We talked about social media, paid search, Youtube, Facebook Ads, Google, PPC, SEO, and email marketing on and on. It was kind of like a bunch of Game of Thrones fans meeting up and geeking out over every detail of the show.

I could barely believe it when the next Monday they called me and said they wanted to hire me. I was no longer Seth Jared: Unemployed and Underachieving College Grad. I was Seth Jared: Digital Marketer!

I wasn’t making $100,000 on the first day. I was paid $16/hr at my first job and then got a raise to $18/hr, and it wasn’t for a while that I started making $60K or more. But having been unemployed, that $16/hr felt like a million dollars.

Seth Jared: From Unemployed to Digital Marketer

My actual title was “PPC Analyst.” I was basically responsible for managing the Paid Search Ads on Google for various companies and clients. I did not know, until then, that Google’s entire business model and its billions of dollars come from paid ads (know then as Google AdWords, know known as “Google Ads.”)

Why do digital marketing jobs like PPC Analyst exist? Well, take a look at the Google Ad’s Dashboard. Google markets their advertising services as being “user friendly”, but do you think the average business owner can wrap their head around this? No, which is why there are tens of thousands of jobs in digital marketing. But more on that later.

From 0 to $100,000 a Month Google Ad Spend

I was handed 30 business accounts and an average monthly ad spend of $100,000. This blew my mind. A month earlier I was messing around with Google Ads and making my own blogs, and now was working on real business websites.

I was pretty nervous, but thankfully the VP of the company sat right next to me and helped guide and mentor me along the way. I couldn’t help but think how amazing it was to actually get paid to learn and get hands-on experience vs. studying digital marketing in some college course.

Wait? I Should Be Making $60K/Yr?

I spent about a year and a half working at the agency, making $18/hr and very content to be doing digital marketing every day. But one day a friend of mine, who was from China, was looking at his Linkedin account. I didn’t even know what Linked was in 2011!

He showed me all the messages he had gotten from recruiters trying to get him to interview for jobs they were trying to fill. He told me the normal salary for people doing what we do is about $60K a year. He showed me the incredibly high demand in this industry for

I was dumbfounded, again. Since my friend was from China and on a work visa, he could not change positions. But he encouraged me to do so.

Seth Jared Hymes: My First $75K/Yr Job Offer

And I did. In fact at my next job I made $30/hr — nearly double what I had at my first job.

And in 2014, it happened — I got my first six figure job. The actual offer letter was for $75K/Yr but with all the performance bonuses I got, it ended up being over $100K.

Seth Jared First High Income Job Offer
Seth Jared First High Income Job Offer

I couldn’t believe just how much my life had changed in just 3 years, just from getting relevant and marketable skills that employers actually need.

I Decided I Wanted to Share This Knowledge

I loved having a digital marketing job, but I was really more interested in running my own business. And I loved teaching. My colleagues in digital marketing would always talk about how it’s weird that nobody knows about the existence of these digital marketing jobs.

I was always reading articles about how college graduates can’t find jobs and how the economy was doing so bad. I wanted to help people do what I had done with my career. I wanted to provide better advice than what I’d gotten in college. And that’s when I decided to create the Digital Marketing Career Blueprint.

How I Made the Digital Marketing Career Blueprint

When making the Digital Marketing Career Blueprint I wanted to do something truly special. A course that would be informative but also fun and immediately actionable. I didn’t want to teach irrelevant theory like they do in college, and I wasn’t going to skimp on detail like so many other online courses I had taken before.

I wanted to create an actual blueprint course, something anyone could follow and get results. I also used my love of movies and film and humor to make the lectures fun and engaging.

I was living in Nashville, TN at this time and I basically locked myself in my room, bought the domain indemandcareer.com, and worked on the course for 4 months straight. I call this the “Seth Has No Life” period of time.

Digital Marketing Career Blueprint Early Success

In 2016, I finished and I started offering my blueprint course at indemandcareer.com. This is what the members’ area looked like.

I was hoping to get maybe a few students here and there, but the course caught on mostly because people started getting real results within a few months of starting. I was so happy to see that demand for digital marketers had not decreased since I had started. I was touched, moved, and inspired when I would get these testimonials. These are just a few from those early days.

(Billy has since given permission to share — and we interviewed him a couple years ago).

As time went on I kept helping more and more people get jobs with the Digital Marketing Career Blueprint. I have literally hundreds of messages and videos to share, but you’ve probably already seen a bunch. Since 2016, I have responded to literally every email I’ve gotten and enjoy the personal connection, and the fact that people started referring to it as the Seth Hymes or Seth Jared Hymes Digital Marketing Course, or just Seth’s Course.

In 2018, I even had the thrill of being able to meet a number of my students in real life in NYC.

We ate pizza and hung out for hours. And one student even recorded some of the evening.

I was so touched by this experience that I went on to visit students in Dallas, San Francisco, Atlanta, and even as far away as the Philippines!

More Successes as the Digital Industry Grows

From 2016–2020 the number of Digital Marketing positions has slowly increased. But since the Pandemic, the demand for PPC Analysts, Paid Social Media Specialists, and more has just gone through the roof!

In early 2020 there were about 50,000 to 60,000 open digital marketing jobs daily in the US. Now it’s around 80,000 to 90,000. Traditional media was slowly being overrun by the internet as more people shop and do everything online, but 2020 really accelerated this process.

That’s how I keep getting more and more student success stories like this.

Seth Jared Course Review — Kayla Echols
Seth Jared Course Review — Kayla Echols

If you want to learn more about how you can realistically start a career in digital marketing, please check out my free Digital Marketing Masterclass by clicking here. You can visit me on Youtube or Instagram to see even more student successes. And if you want to check out the full course/mentorship program you can click here for all the details.

I hope this has been informative. If you have any questions you can always email me at seth at digitalcareerblueprint dot com. Whatever you decide to do, I hope you find marketable skills and a career path that fulfills you!


I’m an Entrepeneur and Educator who has helped 1000s of people change their lives and start careers in Digital Marketing.