Why Learning Is A New Procrastination
Max Lukominskyi

I think it was a member of The Nero Wolfe Society who observed, “There is nothing wrong with participating in an activity that provides no societal benefit but is done just for fun.” — or words to that effect. He understood that, while Americans know a lot about leisure, they know little about relaxation.


As a young student of literature, I came to understand that reading criticism was mostly a waste of time. The important and enjoyable thing was to read the original text itself and form my own opinion. As time passed, I refined this practice into a more general approach to life, one that I first saw stated as a Buddhist eponym: Study only absolutes.

So, as a committed lifelong learner, I study something every day. Sometimes, it is a topic about which I want to know as much as I can. Other times, I read something random that grabs me in that moment and drill down to learn more.

The more one puts into one’s mind, the more it will hold.

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