The internet is overflowing with schadenfreude right now toward anyone who had a role in the disaster known as the Fyre Festival. Everyone is an easy target, from the “Influencers” who were so easily duped to the investors who poured in over $25 million.

I get it. Watching people crash and burn is an entire genre of modern entertainment and the Netflix and Hulu documentaries are a collection of human dumpster fires.

But to me, Fyre Festival is just a flashier and larger version of the same bulls%&t that gets passed around in pitch decks every day from SF to…

Have you ever heard of the rule of thirds?

We’d be surprised if you haven’t.

However, knowing the term and having a fuzzy sense of how to apply it may trick you into thinking you already know everything there is to know about the technique.

Actually, there may be several elements of the rule you haven’t been introduced to or considered yet.

For example, do you know how to compose shots both indoors and outdoors using the rule of thirds? Do you have an inkling of how to crop an image according to the rule in Photoshop? …

What Is Bokeh (And Where Can I Use It)?

Whether or not you’re aware (and even before your interest in photography may have started to grow), you’ve most certainly happened upon bokeh. The term describes the blur appearing behind your subject when you’ve set your camera to a shallow depth of field, creating a softening of your background and appearing in juxtaposition to the sharp and clear portrayal of the subject in your photo. Sometimes, you may also identify this effect by the little balls (or shapes) of light appearing to dance lightly across the photo.

This blurry look can be achieved — to put it simply — through…

From just-starting-out to novice to experienced, there’s something we can all learn to improve our craft.

Photography is a beautiful journey, filled with adventure, romance and a killer photo album, when it’s all said and done. So, no matter whether you’re just starting out on that journey or already embedded on an assignment somewhere exotic, here are 20 quick little tips we put together to make sure you and your images stay in focus. Enjoy.

Join us as we explore the backstory of several of the most incredible and in many cases, unbelievable, photos ever taken. When timing, skill, being in the right place at the right time, and having your camera on you all meet… the results can be the shot of a lifetime.

The funny thing about history is how hard it is to know what moments will stand the test of time. Sometimes, photographers realize in the moment that the picture they’re about to take will come to represent a defining event. Other times, it takes years, even decades, before the historical context reveals them for the defining gems they are.

When we speak of rarity in this instance, we mean moments that required the ideal timing and the perfect eye for composition, iconic and stirring moments that could just have easily been missed if a vigilant photographer didn’t happen to be…

Quick Intro to the World of SEO, Affiliate Marketing, and Amazon S3

This is the shortest summary I could think of to help you can understand a little more about this fun discovery.

The world of trying to share coupons with you online is one of the single most competitive areas of SEO (search engine optimization… aka, getting search engines like Google to list your website higher in the search results then than other people’s websites). Other extremely competitive SEO areas are industries like insurance, loans, and real estate.

Thousands of websites try to outrank each other on Google to make sure they are the #1 result when you type in “wallgreens…

Photographer and digital artist Felix Hernandez literally brings his dreams to life. His imaginative photos are largely inspired by his “pre-programmed” dreams, in which he has taught himself to bring his concepts into his dreams, where they develop into a more sincere portrayal of the artist and his work. We were lucky enough to talk to Felix about that, and about his technical process and what gets him fired up.

Illustration by Ash Jin

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” — Ansel Adams

Ansel is saying that to master photography composition, you must find a way to compose what you are seeing, what you are feeling, and what you want to convey into a final image.

We have ALL wondered why the image we took didn’t look anything like what we thought it would. We truly believed that when we clicked the shutter button, we had just captured exactly what we saw and felt.

And then, disappointment…

But, that never has to be the case again. This guide is designed to help…

We all mess up. We all have bad days. Days where our minds are soured. Sometimes it’s little things that trigger memories of the past or old habits that never died. Sometimes it’s major screwups where you may wonder how you have survived into adulthood.

The worst is when we make the same mistakes over and over, for that umpteenth time in our lives (like the many times I’ve accidently walked into traffic while staring at my phone…).

When those messups occur, no matter how small, there is a universal human tendency to react by being a cruel to ourselves…

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