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Something most of those in tech already know: virtual, augmented, and mixed reality will have dramatic effect on our collectives lives.

But being immersed in tech every day, it sort of blurs my ability to know what those who don’t follow this as part of their livelihood think about VR, AR, MR.

When I ask people outside tech what they think of the space, the #1 response is: “That’s for people to play games right? Like, the people that never leave their computers…” While there is some partial truth in that, it shows the average consumer or business person hasn’t been exposed to the incredible things that will play out in this space over the next 20 years.

Adoption on the consumer market side is still on the fringes, mostly with savvy early adopters. The non-consumer applications are still early, but are already stunning in their applications and this is where I expect the most incredible advancements for humankind. However, in the future, there will not be any part of our daily lives that VR, AR, MR doesn’t touch (←NSFW).

Faster, smaller, and lower power chipsets are increasingly more available and cheaper than ever. Lighter, stronger, and more durable materials make new form factors possible. Digital manufacturing combined with crowdfunding is an unlimited source of fresh ideas and new players in the space. Artificial intelligence and VR/AR/MR have simultaneous incredible and terrifying possibilities. When you layer on constant connectivity and the entire spectrum of IoT inventions, it starts to go beyond the limits of what the brightest techie can even imagine is possible.

It’s taken so long, but 2016 is the first year where we will be able to look back in a decade and say, that’s when the Cambrian explosion of VR/AR/MR finally took off. This will be a defining year for an increasingly larger pool of lucky people, having their first hands-on experience with these technologies in an applied way. It feels like the advent of the Internet all over again.

Sunday Evening Thought #2

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