And what about car insurance companies?
Rollmeover Intheclover

A lot of great questions! I will hold to just a couple answers, for time and space.

On hydrogen: I see niche uses continuing, but I have trouble imagining widespread adoption. Batteries got to scale first, and it’s scale/cost that matters most, much more than the quality of the technology.

On nuclear: With regulations in their current state, new nuclear doesn’t make economic sense. Even if regulations are relaxed, the problem with nuclear is that it takes years to permit and build, while a solar field can be deployed and start producing in months. It’s very, very hard to make back that opportunity cost. Even in a low regulation world, a nuclear plant is basically a bet against large scale, cheap solar storage, and I’m not sure that is a very good bet.

And finally, on car insurance — self-driving car companies will be large, and likely either self-insured or serviced by a very large insurance company (which is useful to provide independent checks to make sure you don’t bet the company on your own hype). Home car insurance will probably still be available, on a per mile basis.

As for the rest, they are beyond my ken right now, but I will give them thought! Thanks!

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