You missed the BLM-incited murders of police in Dallas and Baton Rouge?
rollo clevich

Didn’t miss them. But let’s be very careful about cause and effect here. The man who shot up the Dallas police was a murderer. He also had PTSD, had a lifetime of rage against the police, and was in no way affiliated with the BLM movement. He was upset about police shootings, and BLM was similarly upset. But cause points back to the shootings, not to the idea that he was trained by BLM.

To call BLM murderers based on his actions is like calling the police murderers based on the actions of cops like these: I don’t believe in referring to all cops as murderers either, and would call out anyone who does.

It is absolutely acceptable to hold BLM accountable to curtain their rhetoric and demand non-violence from its followers. But the standard holds for all. If someone from BLM were to refer to the police force as murders, that person should rightfully be shunned. When a US Congressman calls out BLM as murderers, it is very clear he is trying to inflame, not make the country better. And he should be shunned as well.

That is not leadership. We as a nation deserve better.

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