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Technology can displace the cow and save the climate. But we will need to think beyond the bun.

Technology can save the climate. But we will need to think beyond the bun.

The first, most critical fact to recognize about our food system is that it’s solar powered.

Take a drive along US-85 in Wyoming, or US-26 through Nebraska, or US-18 through South Dakota and it is impossible to miss dozens of clusters of cows standing by the roadside, slowly, contemplatively chewing. …

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Sperm whales, mother and baby

Nobody remembers why we killed the whales.

We remember that we saved them. In 1975, a splinter group from the anti-nuclear organization Greenpeace set out on dinghies to chase the Soviet whaling ship Vlastny, positioning itself between its harpoon and a pod of eight sperm whales. The activists intended to serve as shields, betting that the Soviet harpooner would not fire with humans at risk.

They were wrong. After an animated discussion amongst the Vlastny crew, the harpooner fired over the heads of the activists and into a female sperm whale. …

Cheap distribution already changed the world once. It most likely will happen again.

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Still from a video about JD.com’s robot delivery vehicles, already launched on college campuses in Beijing.

In the late 1990s, my father became a thief.

He would stay up late into the night in his office upstairs, his desk perched where my bed used to be. The green glow of the CRT reflecting off his forehead in the dark, he would sit nearly motionless, hour after hour watching the progress bar fill as he pirated old radio shows, books on tape, and music from the golden age of rock and roll.

Back in the early 1990s, it was not obvious that the internet would launch a global army of greying men into the world’s most tedious crime spree. It was not obvious college students and housewives and kids obsessed with Jamiroquai would join them to take down the record industry. …


Seth Miller

Scientist, inventor, entrepreneur. Mostly just trying to understand the world. See my full blog at perspicacity.xyz.

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