This post has been extremely helpful for Localeur in particular because so many investors…

joahspearman tell me about it…

we don’t expect users to hop in the booth for 60 minutes every day or even come back to the app every day.

WAU >> for us

but the bigger issue is that investors usually don’t a) understand metrics to this detail which leads to b) unfairly comparing #’s from startups that do understand metrics to startups that don’t.

also, they often fail to take into account different analytics providers report user metrics differently

e.g.— take active users. one startup might say a download, one might say an open, and one might say a core action. guess who is going to have the highest #?

e.g #2 — there are 7+ ways to measure retention yet again most investors focus on highest #’s without realizing implications

leads to a bunch of fuckery imo

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