Naked mole rats, the Church of Perpetual Life, and the quest to discover what the future holds for the human lifespan

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Illustration: Zoe Van Dijk

There was a time when San Diego’s Town and Country resort was considered a posh destination. These days, it’s best known for its marquee along Interstate 8, which features one-liners like “There’s no way that everyone was kung fu fighting” and “Welcome archery conference — free ear piercing.”

When I visited in September 2018, the property felt suspended between nostalgia and oblivion. Huge swaths of the late-1960’s-era complex, including the fitness center and hundreds of rooms, were shuttered in preparation for a massive renovation. …

Seth Mnookin

Journalist; Director of MIT’s Graduate Program in Science Writing; Author of The Panic Virus, Feeding the Monster & Hard News. Site:

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