Mid-Level Donors at the Norwegian Green Party

Do you realise how much you might be missing out on if you ignore the mid-level donors at your organisation?

At the Norwegian Fundraising Conference in September, I was giver the opportunity to present the learnings I had gained about Mid-Level donors through my time working with the Norwegian Green Party. The party needed to generate donations from their members and followers as there was a national election on the horizon, and I proposed a campaign directed towards a new segment. I had a suspicion that we could find a small group who would be willing to donate an amount which was around ten times the average donation amount during the previous election- and it turns out I was right about that!

‘Mid-level donor’: A donor with cumulative annual giving of over X.000,-

The concept was simple: we would ask people if they would consider donating either 1% of their time, or 1% of their income to the party. The campaign concept was branded Valgkampvenn meaning ‘election friend’. Here is the campaign video we produced, made by volunteers (in Norwegian, but YouTube can show it with English subtitles):

Instead of using the party’s higher-profile faces, we chose to deliver the campaign message using normal members: they would in effect be giving to each other, and it would be a kind of dugnad (a Norwegian word meaning a group of people working together to accomplish a task).

The campaign was spread digitally and donors were channelled through a custom landing site. We ran a DM (mailing) campaign in addition. We used the party’s spokespersons to call the donors to say thank you, and used time-limited rewards to generate excitement.

The internal goals were to find 200 donors who would give cash, and 600 who would pledge their time. This would give the party and additional 700.000 kroner and 36.000 hours which could be used on electioneering. And we reached these goals, more or less:

More than one-third chose to give money while two-thirds chose to pledge their time. The average donation amount was 3.960 kroner, approximately 400 euros. We spent around 75.000 kroner on the campaign in addition to 110.000 kroner on developing the landing site, which can be utilised in future election campaigns.

You can see the full presentation here (in Norwegian). Get in touch if your organisation needs help exploring the opportunities that exist through mid-level donors.

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